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Colorado Laws

One thing that we can't seem to get away from, is also the same thing that we need to know, to stay out of trouble with the law.  Yes, Laws.  They affect everything that we do, and this is one of those things that break our wheeling hobby.  It is just as important for us to know where we can wheel as it is with what equipment we can get to those wheeling spots.  We need to make sure that we are following State laws all the time.  Show our local Governments that we are responsible at all times.  The last thing our group needs is for people to look at us driving down the road, and think we destroy every place we go.

Here are a few Laws that apply to us in Colorado.  If you have any in depth questions, you can of course post on the Colorado Springs Chapter Forum, or contact one of the local law enforcement agencies for additional information.  Please make sure if contacting one of the local agencies, you document your conversation, and give them the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) reference you are referring.  If you decide to contact one of the local agencies, and have an in depth discussion, please post it in the forum for all to learn from.  This is what we have so far.

Colorado Revised Statutes can be found here.


C.R.S. 42-4-229 - All motor vehicles operating on the public road system must have a windshield physically "on" the vehicle.  (NOTE:  More research is required on this statute.  Information obtained by a member is inaccurate)

C.R.S. 42-4-232 - When operating any vehicle without a windshield, approved eye protection must be worn.  (NOTE:  This statute refers to motorcycles and low-powered scooters)


C.R.S. 42-4-226 - Exterior Mirror Placement

(1) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mirror or mirrors so located and so constructed as to reflect to the driver a free and unobstructed view of the highway for a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of such vehicle.

(2) Whenever any motor vehicle is not equipped with a rear window and rear side windows or has a rear window and rear side windows composed of, covered by, or treated with any material or component that, when viewed from the position of the driver, obstructs the rear view of the driver or makes such window or windows nontransparent, or whenever any motor vehicle is towing another vehicle or trailer or carrying any load or cargo or object that obstructs the rear view of the driver, such vehicle shall be equipped with an exterior mirror on each side so located with respect to the position of the driver as to comply with the visual requirement of subsection (1) of this section.

(3) Any person who violates any provision of this section commits a class B traffic infraction.

Lift and Suspension:

C.R.S. 42-4-233 - Alteration of Suspension System

(1) No person shall operate a motor vehicle of a type required to be registered under the laws of this state upon a public highway with either the rear or front suspension system altered or changed from the manufacturer's original design except in accordance with specifications permitting such alteration established by the department. Nothing contained in this section shall prevent the installation of manufactured heavy duty equipment to include shock absorbers and overload springs, nor shall anything contained in this section prevent a person from operating a motor vehicle on a public highway with normal wear of the suspension system if normal wear shall not affect the control of the vehicle.

(2) This section shall not apply to motor vehicles designed or modified primarily for off-highway racing purposes, and such motor vehicles may be lawfully towed on the highways of this state.

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