Fort Hood Chapter
of Military Jeepers
Welcome to the Fort Hood Chapter of the Military Jeepers Jeep Club. 
Military Jeepers is a Jeep Club for Jeep owners that are serving in the U.S. Military or have served in the U.S. Military.  If you live around the Fort Hood area, check out the information about the Fort Hood Chapter of Military Jeepers to learn more about us and find out about upcoming Trail Rides, Meet and Greets, Deals and Discounts with local vendors and merchants and maybe purchase some Fort Hood Chapter Gear if we have any available.   

Fort Hood Sportsman's Center

We are hoping to try to get together as more members join up from the Fort Hood area.  As we get more members interested in meeting up, we hope to start with a lunch or two at the Sportsman's Center on Fort Hood.  Please check our chapter forum for more information about upciming meet and greets.

About the Community Forum:
The Military Jeepers Community Forum is where more than 2175 members from all over the world interact and share their knowledge with other members.  The forum also contains specific forums for different regions to help members connect with others locally.  You can check out our discussions in the Fort Hood Chapter Forum and start meeting Military Jeepers in our area by choosing the appropriate region from below.  You must first create an account with Military Jeepers in order to post in our Chapter's discussion forum.


Join us today for free.
If you are living in our around the Fort Hood area, own a Jeep vehicle and are serving or have served in the U.S. Military you can join today for FREE.  All you need to do is create a free membership account with Military Jeepers at and then head on over to our Chapter's Discussion Forum.
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