View Full Version : Reservations for Event Lodging?

06-21-2011, 00:07
This is my first Camp MJ (first Military Jeepers event, for that matter.) Just curious where everyone usually stays at the sites. I plan on camping, but if everyone stays together, I don't want to miss out on the fun! So how does it usually work? Group reservation, or every man for himself? I'll be going to Ouray and Moab this year.

07-28-2011, 12:01

Here is the information to make your reservations. We have a group area reserved for MOAB. Active duty stay there for free:

Friday, 12 August - Depart Colorado Springs, arrive at Ouray (4J's campground)
Saturday, 13 August - Ouray trail rides
Sunday, 14 August - Ouray trail rides (Ouray Dinner and Door Prizes)
Monday, 15 August - Depart Ouray and travel to MOAB (Ron's Campground)
Tuesday, 16 August - MOAB trail rides
Wednesday, 17 August - MOAB trail rides (MOAB Dinner and Door Prizes)
Thursday, 18 August - MOAB trail rides
Friday, 19 August - Depart MOAB and travel to Grand Junction (Junction West RV Park)
Saturday, 20 August - GJ trail rides (GJ Gathering)
Sunday, 21 August - GJ trail rides.
Monday, 22 August - Depart for Colorado Springs.

Camping information:

Ouray Campground:
4J's Campground

MOAB Campground:
Ron's Pack Creek Campground (Group area Olive)

Grand Junction camp ground: