View Full Version : Iron Rock Offroad????????Any one use their 4" foundation lift.

Fragout 05 TJ
12-20-2011, 15:52
I am looking for 4" lift, but price is a factor, I want long arm but would consider other styles. Any body use or heard of Iron Rock Offroad?

Link of 4" foundation lift.......


Any other cheap 4" lift anyone knows of let me know. Looking to be able to run my 33's with out trimming and having tons more clearance then my jeep has now......

12-20-2011, 17:05
i went with the Rough Country 4" X-Flex and it has been doing great. everyone has bad things to say about them but it is working great for me and it has been on for a year now with no issues. i did have to do a SYE and Tom woods drive shaft though. but anytime you go over 2.5 lift you will have to do a SYE. i am running 33's with more than enough clearance i dont know why it says with the iron rock you would have to trim to run 33's or even 35's. i have plenty of clearance to fully flex with 35's. the Xflex kit comes with everything you need though including fron and rear track bars new rear swaybar connectors front discos everything except SYE. there cusomer service is top par too. also with the X flex you can upgrade to long arm later for 600 bucks

12-20-2011, 17:59
I run their products on my ZJ and love them. Other than some of our local vendors here in the Springs I have found no better customer service.

Fragout 05 TJ
12-20-2011, 19:07
I love the idea, I can call and get the upgraded parts for L/A. But i Have a 2.5 Puck lift now and can run 33's no problem. Why would I have to trim for 33's on a 4" lift.

If I did a 4" what else would have to be done?

SYE, Drive shafts Got that, what else to make everything work properly?

12-20-2011, 19:26
That sounds about right, I would look at the front driveshaft as well. Or keep it in the back of your mind. BTW 33s on a 4" should NOT require any trimming. I had 5.5" with 35's and had more than enough clearance.

12-20-2011, 19:49
If you go up to 4" besides what is listed you will need break lines especially if you do the long arm upgrade and an adjustable trackbar.

12-20-2011, 19:50
Iron Rock has great stuff, and great people.

It's still a 'small' shop, but their customer service is awesome.

These guys wheel, and wheel hard. They put there products through there paces, and also gather feedback from their customers.

I wheeled with them this past fall, at the IROR Customer Appreciation Run, had a blast!

If you have any questions, email or call Josh.

As far as trimming, on an XJ w/4" of lift and 33's, yes, you need to trim some, or extend the bumpstops.

I had 5.5" in my XJ, running the IROR long arms, had to trim the front a little, and hammer over the pinch seam in the rear, running 33x12.5-15's.

Josh (in yellow) spotting me through 'Ted's Revenge'


One of the IROR ZJ's in 'Gumby's Rocks'