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03-02-2012, 15:38
This is my first write up so, lets see how it goes.

After a while of running around topless this summer I decided I needed a little security in the back for my "oh shit bag" and other assorted goodies. I made a simple deck lid out of 3/4" MDF, toggle nuts, eye bolts, shelf supports, rustoleum black, and roll on bed liner.

I cut a template out of cardboard then traced, cut, test fit, trimmed and once happy with the result I did three heavy coats of Rustoleum oil based brush on (top, bottom and sides), followed by a coat of Duplicolor bedliner.
NOTE: I made it extremely tight against the back seat, you cannot fold the seat down if its pressed tightly up against the cover, once you lock the tailgate they have to remove 6 bolts to get into the back.


Next for support I used some shelf brackets picked up from the DIY store, used bolts and washers to attach two on the large FWD part and one on the back piece, Note: I had to make it into two pieces to make it tight around the seat belt/roll bar in the back.


Before I placed it on I used foam from the DIY store, found it in the doors section, and lined the tub with it to try and keep the elements out a little bit plus protect the paint.


After careful measuring (used a sharpie after it was on and marked the holes from the bottom side) removed and drilled my holes. I attached it with eyebolts and toggle nuts. I have plenty of tie down points for my ice chest, camp chairs, etc.... plus it makes it quick to remove with just a screw driver pushed through the eyes.



After putting it on and running out of daylight and warmth, I taped and put a few more coats of bedliner on. Here are the finished pics plus sweet green tape.

I have had this on through rain, humid weather, heat used the hell out of it to tie things down to it, and my only complaint is that I shoulda drilled all my holes before paint and liner, it has caused a few spots to swell some but nothing that bad. I can stand on it (165lbs), and it keeps my things safe... over all I am pretty happy with it.

I would be happy to give more advice and pics if your interested.

Fragout 05 TJ
03-02-2012, 16:28
Looks good, May have to make something like that for the TJ but a short cap will work due to not a lot of trunk space.

03-02-2012, 17:01
Nice work! I also have to do something for my TJ. Like that, it will be easily removable when needed.

03-02-2012, 19:43
Looks good. I've been thinking some along those lines for my CJ.

03-02-2012, 20:24
previous comments said it all...Well Done!

03-02-2012, 21:35
Very nice and also good write up!