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03-03-2015, 01:35
Ok all I have left the recommendations site up for this years Camp MJ East Coast. It is now the beginning of March and time to decide where to hold this event. Please vote on the place that you would like to hold this years event.

03-03-2015, 10:00
June 6-14, me and a few guys from my club NJJC will be down that way. So far plan is Windrock for a few days and then to Harlan. Plans are still rough for now, but that is week we have locked in.

03-04-2015, 22:37
This is funny 46 views and only 3 votes WOW I am shocked

03-04-2015, 23:53
Im not gonna lie, Im kinda waiting to see if my vote will break a tie. I really don't want it to be at RC or AOAA since I most likely wouldn't be able to make the drive.

03-05-2015, 11:45
I'm just trolling since I can't play this year. A bit far from tx

03-06-2015, 16:46
Me going depends only on gas prices and dates as all places are within an hour or 2 difference in drive

03-09-2015, 08:32
I don't know if I'll have a functional jeep and/or be in a PCS.

03-10-2015, 11:43
I won't be able to ride but we'd come up to have a meet and greet.

03-10-2015, 18:44
Is there a date yet?

03-13-2015, 20:26
No date yet want to get the location set first.

03-13-2015, 22:18
No date yet want to get the location set first.
Thanks. I wasn't sure.

03-18-2015, 16:13
Well Its been crazy, this is the first time in a long time jumping on MJ. I kind of fell off with PSCing and dealing with all sorts of crazy shiznt.

03-22-2015, 15:28
well, got my vote in under the wire, got to say I'm really poor at getting on the computer. Jeeper4life are you running anything on face book? It seems as if not alot of people get on the computer now days, they just use facebook for everything, easier to carry a phone than a laptop. Think that the MJ site is sort of out dated nowdays. Any way at least your getting some chatter, I know after doing thru this last year it can be very depressing waiting for everybody to get on board, but, the closer you get to the date the more things seem to pick-up. I'm suprised that Harlan didn't make the location list, cause I did see it mentioned a few times. Will try to be more responsive in the future.

03-23-2015, 01:41
So if there was a poll I may know why so few did it.
I mainly access stuff on my phone anymore. And all the forums spam ya with tapatalk. Well even if you open the forums on a browser tapatalk.imageshack.com takes over. I do not see a poll option in tapatalk. So to get to the poll it seems I will have to remove the app

03-25-2015, 15:07
So I was on the Facebook page for 2015 Camp MJ, the dates posted are August 22-24. Were we just going to run with last year's dates (the ones posted) or are we going to have a poll for the dates also? [yes I know I posted this twice]

03-26-2015, 22:17
I am looking to work on dates as soon as we get a final on where the location is going to be held. Because if it is up in PA I will have to back out as administrator and pass the hat to someone up in that area. because I have already been told by the wife that I can not drive to PA with the NEW truck. lol

03-27-2015, 07:54
It's looking like we're probably going to Tennessee

03-27-2015, 22:03
4 days left to vote. If you want your vote to count get it in in the next 4 days.

04-02-2015, 06:13
Sweet, tn it is.

04-03-2015, 06:24
OK all looks like WindRock OHV Area, TN is the winner. Now we need to lock down a date. so that we can get start getting sponsors and working to make this happen.

04-10-2015, 01:36
Windrock will be doable for us, if only for a day due to work. Date really doesn't matter if on a weekend... Just have to either request the saterday off or switch with someone , which the boss don't care. "As long as the shift is covered" he don't care.
~first time seeing this, thanks gearhead1985!~

04-14-2015, 13:44
As I'm making some progress on my heep AND am being forced to start taking blocks of leave I may hopefully be in. I don't really have an opinion as to where. I'm mostly needing a when and how much.