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03-12-2015, 21:34
for the JK
will be available in stubby, mid, and full widths with bolt on skid plate, winch plate, and bar options.
i did all the metal bending and someone else did all the welding

03-15-2015, 13:26
forgot to mention, when they're available they'll be here: http://www.muleequipped.com/

08-01-2015, 02:13
Mule Equipped website is live http://www.muleequipped.com/

bumpers are hand crafted in America, by Americans, with American steel

front bumpers have clevis mounts, and optional bolt on skid plate, winch mount, and bar. stubby with optional bolt on wings, mid, and full widths. can hold stock and after market fog lights.

rear bumper has clevis mounts and optional spare tire carrier that opens and closes with the rear door (adjustable tension). very solid tire mount, can hold down to 15 inch wheel and up to 37 inch tire (may be more but haven't tested bigger yet). in and out adjustable for wheel back spacing. third brake light kit can go in center of tire mount.

front bumper bolts onto the front and side of the frame five bolts each side. skid plate bolts to the bottom of the bumper and to the Jeep's bash bar for more reinforcement. rear bumper bolts onto the sides of the frame in three places each side.

working on hi-lift and geri can holder attachment to the spare tire carrier.

relatively light and a major upgrade from stock.

10-15-2015, 12:50
This your company? Any plans on expanding to the XJ market? CJs? :)
Also, curious if you've given any thought to making a DIY kit. You do the design and have the shapes cut. Ship em out in a flat box for the end user to weld/assemble. I know a couple companies doing it and love the idea. Saves on shipping costs too.

10-16-2015, 08:20
I do not own the company, just work for them. It's a very small company with a total of about ten people from the top down.

We do have a couple of products for the TJ and other vehicle brands.

When I first started they did send the parts for the rock sliders to one guy who claimed to just want to do the welding himself.

10-16-2015, 09:06
Forgot to add. Bumpers for other vehicles are the Expedition One line, exp-one.com

You can see in the pics that all the individual parts are not flat. Takes a massive press to bend the cut parts.