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08-16-2015, 10:31
Thursday - arrived at 2230 and set up tent and slept except when the F$!#in razer's flying by at 12 - 02 and 04

Friday - Gearhead and I hit the trails around 12 and we're stopped one hour in. The only REAL trail we tried with an opstical Gearhead explodes the carrier in his 9 in rear. I on the other hand failed to complete the opstical and backed down due to wet rocks and wetter tires. Limped back to camp with out tail between our legs.

Saturday - Gearhead in my rubi riding bitch, Robscrawlin his Jeep and Aktazz pulling up the rear. We started on trail number 22 (everyone we talked to said it was good) 22 was very easy. Like a fire road. Then we turned onto trail 21. From start of 21 to finish we had to winch about 3 times per jeep. This trail alone was better than the guided crap we did last year. There were about 2-3 spots that Robscrawlin almost rolled and about 2-3 we pulled cable just in case. However when we got to the last opstical I had to give it one more try. This was the same spot Gearhead broke the day before. I got back to the spot where I got stopped previously and pushed my TJ to the limit and defeated the opstical without breaking.

We headed back to the camp and cooked some fish (thanks Gearhead) cake and sandwiches. Started the raffle at about 1800 with 4 people. All in all everyone left with some nice items and we raised $286.00 that will be donated to the independence fund.

Pics will be added later today.

08-16-2015, 10:42
looking forward to the pictures

08-16-2015, 13:23
Glad fun is had by all. Sorry for the breakage. Wish o I could have made it. :( X2 on pics!!

08-16-2015, 20:27
Gearhead unsure how to fix this issue. no Parts in Area.
Aktazz Trail Damage bumped a tree
Robscrawlin showing some style
And here he is again trying to save the flop
Here is one obstacle just below the area where Robscrawlin winch pic above.
moving over this obstacle almost hitting the tree.

08-17-2015, 12:22
Damn! That place looks cool, minus the mud. Anyone up for a November trip?

08-17-2015, 15:06
Oct 3rd is another event hosted by WFTW (Wheelers for the Wounded). They have some nice items and vendors showing up. And all vets ride free.

I will add more pics later tonight

08-17-2015, 17:57
Well shit, Ill still be "unavailable" then.

08-18-2015, 00:15
Go here to see the rest of the pics


08-18-2015, 10:57
Go here to see the rest of the pics

I don't do FB. :(

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08-19-2015, 13:38
Any word on the t-shirts /hoddies? I sent paypal but haven't heard anything?

08-19-2015, 21:52
Sorry about that I got the money and the shirts they will be in the mail Saturday. Been busy since I got back from the weekend.