Show & Tell Thread.

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  1. Aaron97
    Just thought i would make a thread so we can post random stuff we do that really isn't worthy of its on thread...
  2. Aaron97
    Just getting ready for Camping Season and 4x4 trips (if i ever make one, lol).

  3. RubiRed
    You'll have to post up where you go camping! The wife and I would love to do some camping this summer.
  4. Aaron97
    If you like camping on/near the beach, we go to the Anmyeondo island, south of here. There are several nice camp sites along the coast. My favorite is Sambong Beach. It only takes about 1.5 hours to get there.
  5. RubiRed
    Awesome, Maybe we can set up a Humphreys-Osan Jeepers camping trip sometime this summer..
  6. RubiRed
    Cleaned up the wiring for my lights with some red tubing. Thanks Thomas!

    engine by marnott310, on Flickr
  7. RubiRed
    Removed the rear tire carrier since my spare didn't match.. I'm going to put it back on when i get a spare but i kinda like the look...

    back by marnott310, on Flickr
  8. twshutika
    man i miss working on the jeep and messing around on it in the garage. . .
  9. RubiRed
    Just bought a bikini top and windshield channel!! Now I'm definitely ready for the summer!!

    @ Thomas- I still plan on chopping the bumper soon if you want to help.

    @ Aaron- Your camping pics inspired me to finally buy the tent that I've had my eye on for years... now I have to go camping this summer haha
  10. Aaron97
    Lane - I added some more pictures to my "Camping" album on FB of the camping trip i took to the mountains and lake. It looked really far on the map, but we left at 6am and it only took 1 hour 10 minutes. About a 1/4 tank of gas each way and that wasn't being concerned about mileage, i was doing 80mph most of the way to Seoul. If you leave early enough, the Bus Lane isn't a Bus Lane yet and you can just get in it and haul-ass.

    This is just a short clip (time-lapse) of the drive from the camp back into Seoul.
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