After doing a little research, Looking at zipper pulls, carabiners, etc. and trying to find out the best zipper lubricant and such to help me put in and remove my windows, I found some McNett's Max Wax. It is a silicone based stick top rub on the zippers to help them glide better. I found some locally at a dive shop. Before I put it on though, I wanted to clean all of the old stuff off. There was not a lot, but WTH. Got out some spray Goof-off, held a rag behind the zipper and sprayed. Now the DUH! moment. That is all it took, the zippers glide great now, before I put the max wax on. Sprayed and wiped the zips and that is it. We will see if I still use the max wax, but right now, I do not think I will need it.