Hey guys, as some of you know, my freshly rebuilt 258 bit the dust, abou 300 miles into my Moab trip. I think I isolated the problem, it being the new HEI dizzy, and not the rebuild.

Anyway, I'm having a hard time keeping engines in it, and would like something that can haul 75 on the road, and still idle all day on the trail/rocks.

I really liked the JK with an auto that I rented in Moab, first time I really wheeled a slushbox, I've always driven manuals.

So i'm kicking around the idea of a sbc, any of them, 305,307,327 or 350, mated to a 700r4 tranny thats adapted to my Dana 300 case.

With the 700r4, I'd have (I believe) a lower 1st, and the overdrive I'd like on the HWY.

The sbc will fit fine, I had one in there for a while. And being a '7, tranny length should be OK.

So, anyone run something like this? Or have any suggestions for an engine/tranny combo thats similar?

I plan on gathering parts during the summer, then doing the install over next winter, so I'm fishing for ideas, and any pro's or con's you may see in my idea. Thanks ! HB