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I pasted the information below; please follow its instructions and take action today.
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Responsible Trails America, a notorious anti-access and anti-OHV preservationist organization from the east coast has an agenda to take your Colorado OHV registration funds. They want this money because in many cases funding trail maintenance is the only thing that stands between you and extensive closures. They want over 70% of your funds to go to law enforcement and trail closures. THIS IS NOT WHAT THESE FUNDS WERE INTENDED FOR!

By hiring a prominent local Colorado lobbying firm (yes, the same firm that tried to raid the OHV fund last year) to lobby the Park's Board to force the use of our funds their way, which attempts to destroy the program. They have submitted a resolution to the Park's Board to adopt at the November 20, 2009 Parks Board meeting. The entire resolution misrepresents our nearly 20 year old program. It spits in your face!

They can only be stopped by the voice of the OHV community. You must contact the Colorado State Park's Board to save your fund. If you do not, then your money will go towards the destruction of your sport!
The deadline for contacting them is: November 18, 2009
While the message should be in your own words here are a few points that may assist you in writing your letter:
  • I strongly object to the Resolution submitted by the Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance. This proposal is a self-serving attempt to advance their interests and should be rejected by the Board.
  • The SRCA Resolution will shift funds from critical trail maintenance operations currently funded by the OHV program. Doing so will result in mandatory closures of trails that do not meet "standard."
  • The program has always struck the proper balance among maintenance, education, signing and environmental protection. It is recognized as one of the best programs in the country.
  • Decades ago, Colorado's OHV community voluntarily "taxed themselves" in order that federal land managers would have the resources to manage our recreation. As an OHV recreationist who pays, I will not support these fees going to advance the agenda of other groups who do not pay to manage their recreational use.
  • The Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance Resolution takes facts out of context as to the current status of OHV recreation in Colorado. The facts are that once Travel Management Plans are in place compliance is increased, law enforcement is effective and impacts are reduced.
  • Colorado's OHV Program is viewed by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management as one of the best in the country. There is no need for changes to Colorado's OHV program.
  • In response to concerns about unlawful OHV use, our community supported HB1069, which is designed as a highly effective enforcement tool.
  • HB1069 from 2008 allows every law enforcement officer to enforce restrictions on OHV travel, more enforcement is not necessary as only a small number violate the law.
  • Colorado's OHV Program was intended to provide those that pay into it with opportunities.
  • People from outside Colorado should not be allowed to modify a statute to the detriment of those who pay their way.
  • The Program is far different than similar programs in other states and is not in need of tying up funds for outside interests; our program is uniquely well operated.
  • A recent legislative audit found that the OHV Program was in compliance with the law and very properly administrated.
  • Don't hesitate to add few personal lines about how you or you and your family are responsible recreationists and love your sport.
E mail to: [email protected]
Address your e-mail to:
Mr. Dean Winstanley Director
And the Colorado Parks Board
Colorado State Parks
1313 Sherman Street, Suite 618
Denver, CO 80203