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    Default Trans Info

    model type used in years
    <CARS> (S=synchro, N=non-synchro)
    T-86 3spd N (196/199/232/250/287/290) '50-'67
    T-89 3spd N (250/327) '56-'66
    T-96 3spd N (196/199/232) '56-'70
    T-96H 3spd N (199) '70
    T-96J 3spd N (232) '67, 70-'72
    T-14 3spd S (232/258/290/304) '68-'73,'76
    T-15 3spd S (290/304/360) '68-'71
    T-10 4spd S (287/327/290/343/360/390/401)'66-'74
    150-T 3spd S (258/304/360) '74-'79
    SR-4 4spd S (232/258/304) '76-'81
    T4 4spd S (151/258) '82-'88
    T5 5spd S (151/258) '83-'88
    HR-1 4spd S (121) '77-'79

    <JEEP> (AMC years & prior)
    T-84 3spd N (J134)
    T-96 4spd N (J134) '45-'57
    T-86 3spd N (J226) '45-'58
    T-90 3spd N (J134) '45-'58
    T-90J 3spd N (J226) '45-'58
    T-86A 3spd N (J225/J226) '55-'71
    T-90C 3spd N (J232/J258/J304/J360) '45-'71
    T-98A 4spd N (J232/J258/J304/J360) '55-'70
    T-14A 3spd S (J225/J258/J304/J360) '67-'75
    T-15A 3spd S (J360) '72-'79
    T-18 4spd N (J258/J304/J360/J401) '71-'75
    T-18A 4spd N (J258/J304/J360/J401) '76-'79
    T-5 5spd S (J151/J258) '82-'86
    T-4 4spd S (J150/J151/J258) '82-'86
    T-17X 4spd S (J258/J304) '80-'86
    T-150 3spd S (J258/J304/J360/J401) '76-'79

    Non-synchro transmissions DO have a synchronizer, but only one.
    It is between 2nd and 3rd only. It doesn't work well at high
    rpms if at all, but nonetheless is there.

    T-86 used also by Ford with o/d. (289)
    T-86 has top cover 6 bolts like the T-14.
    T-86 was a hd option only behind the 196cid, stock all got T-96.

    T-89 is a big veefy 3spd used with many early-mid '60s engines.
    T-89 also used by Ford with o/d. (390)
    used by Olds mid '60s. (394)
    T-89 w/od Ford was the last to offer them, in '71 pickups.
    T-85 basically the same tranny as T-89 was also used with
    Dodge-Plymouth 426 engine in '64
    T-85/89 had a 4th gear added and became T-10.
    T-90 which is basically the same as T-86 was also used in Studebaker
    Six taxis and Jeep fleet van.
    T-96 used also in Jeeps (CJ2->), Studebaker sixes, and early Falcons.
    T-96 and Borg-Warner alum. automatics have the same spline and
    are the same length
    T-96 shaft length is 6.5"
    T-96 came in 2 models for '70-'72, the H for 199, J for 232;
    both only in Hornet & Gremlin. T-14 was used in all others
    with the 232cid.
    T-96 models are distinguished by different letters. These indicated
    a "minor" internal change, sometimes a different gear ratio,
    different bearings, etc. Case remained the same for a
    number as did overall internal design.
    T-96H might also be the same tranny as T-96, just an indication to
    differ it from the J series. (?)
    T-96J was only used by AMC (much harder to find parts for).
    T-96J was used in Rebel & American in '67 as well as
    '70-'72 Hornets & Gremlins
    T-96J is a hd version of the T-96 with a larger larger first hear
    (3:01:1 vs. 2.60:1 in T-96), a larger front bearing, and a
    larger mainshaft. The standard gear cluster should fit the
    J model as well. Output shaft also seems to be the same,
    but it may be larger.
    T-96J Some were prone to premature failure due to improper hardening
    of internal shafts circa 1971
    T-96 and automatic BW M-37 have the same number of splines.
    T-96 and automatic BW M-35 also have identical universal yokes.
    T-10/85/89 all had the 9 bolt side cover , but the T-89 shift arms
    were (stagered ) not inline like the T-10 & 85 .
    T-14 replaced the T-86 behind 290s starting in '68.
    Also in '68 the 232 moved up to the t-14 and the 290 moved
    up to the t-15.
    All manual transmissions up to '71 have a 10-spline output.
    T-10 is always 10-spline with a shaft length of 8"
    T-14 was reintroduced in 76, but only used in the Gremlin with
    the 232 and 258. All others used the 150-T for 232-304.
    T-14 '68-'70 (coarse) splines interchange
    T-14 '71-'72 (coarse) splines interchange
    T-14 '73-'76 (fine-TF) splines interchange
    T-14 differences are the output spline and extension housing.
    Two gear sets [2.61:1 and 3.10:1]
    T-14 are all the same length. There's only one'68-'72 mainshaft.
    T-14 the 3.10 gears didn't appear at first ('72-3). it would make sense
    to use the deeper gears with the taller axles.
    T-14/T-15 are both 10 spline but T-14 (and T-96) are 10x15/16 where the
    T-14 shaft length is 6.5"
    T-15 shaft length is 8"
    T-15 was used behind 290 at first but starting '70 was also used with
    T-15 is 10x1 1/8. Bold parrent/shaft length are also different.
    T-15 has an almost square pattern, 5.75x6" also common for T-86
    (and Jeep T-14)
    T-15 is propably biggest 3spd ever used in cars.
    T-15 was used in Jeeps until '75, and in some IH Harversters/Scouts
    T-15 was the fleet/hd option for 232 Rebels and Ambos.
    T-10 and T-89 bolt patterns look very similar also to '49-'64 Ford
    T-10 was used almost by every US car company in some point in time.
    T-10 '66-'70 used Large ( diameter, thicker) bearing cap, with
    the 10-1/2 inch clutch with long through out bearing.
    T-10 '71-up used Small (diameter, thinner) bearing cap, with
    the 11 inch clutch with short trough out bearing.
    This was also the same bearing that T-96 and T-14 used.
    T-10 that AMC used was "P" series '65-'66, "T" series '67-early'68,
    and "V" series from late '68 until they quit using it.
    T-10 Ford case looks the same, but the bottom left bolt hole is
    kicked out toward the drivers side . In AMC case the
    bottom right bolt is kicked out toward passenger side.
    Input shaft, tail shaft and tail shaft housing are different
    and can not be used. But most internals of the Ford,
    should work since they use the basically same case.
    (though are geared differently)
    T-10 1970 some applications in Javelins use the National -8169-S
    rear seal rather than the commonly called for seal part number.
    T-10 used by AMC '73/'74 was also known as "Super T-10" as reaction
    to GM moving on to Muncie (redesigned T-10, in-house in '64)
    T-10 Super aluminum cases are good for ~14lbs over iron
    T-10 Super were available in three series (AMC may have used):
    SI dated from ~'66
    SII dated from ~'74
    SIII dated from '78
    Bearing retainer thickness is a clue and SIII cluster shafts
    are bigger, 1" vs 7/8".

    SR-4 was also used with 304s in '79 Spirit GT/AMX's!
    (it's ONLY good for 220 ft lbs.)
    SR-4 AMC is pretty much the sma as the Ford versions.
    T-4/T-5 has TF-904 output shaft and seal, so when converting
    from AMC T-4/5 to a Ford unit you will need the yoke.
    T-5 looks very similar to the SR-4 and T-4, except for the buldge
    the shift lever housing for the overdrive.
    T-5 front bearing retainer in the AMC T-5 is GM size, as is input
    shaft. They're maybe shared with gm, or just compatible.
    T-5 from a Mustang will fit any AMC engine if you get the bellhousing
    from SR-4 ('76-'81), T-4 ('82-'88) or T-5 ('83-'88), and the
    throw out arm and bearing, from the same bell.
    Also the front bearing retainer is needed, gm size,
    (maybe gm part?), if you don't want to modify the Mustang part.
    Right clutch disc with the correct # of splines that also fits
    the pressure plate you're using, and the pilot bearing is
    also needed.
    T-5 '94-up mustang input shafts are ~2/3" longer.
    150-T (Tremec) is a Ford Toploader design. All the big three used
    them in the late '70s; A toploader 4spd will slip right into the
    bellhousing and clutch. Also the output spline is the
    same [28] - the 150t is ford all the way.
    From compact to midsize cars the trannies are the same
    length as the 3spd.
    150-T in cars is the exactly same tranny as T-150 in Jeeps, the
    designation is just different for some reason.
    Both are correct ways to name it. (that's it for this subject)
    150-T '77-'79 Granadas have an O/D version and the later
    aluminum O/D input shaft is 5/8" longer.
    Big engine fords have a 1.375x10 spline input and
    31-spline output
    Iron Duke 2.5L and the AMC 150cid equipped Jeeps are all equipped
    with a hydraulic clutch assembly, as are the Cherokee
    and Wrangler sixes (GM 2.8, 4.0, 4.2).
    HR-1 (by BW) was the tranny used by Porsche/Audi 121cid and it has
    an unique bolt pattern.
    The flywheel was changed in the sixes '71(153->164 teeth) and
    this coincided with the bellhousing going to the V8 size/pattern.

    (JEEP Tranny Information - most of this info should apply to cars)
    T-84 was only used in the Willys MB and Ford GPW in WWII.
    Gear Ratios: 2.94 1.94 1.00 N/A(r)
    T-86 Cast iron case, Helical 1st and reverse gear, spiral cut
    mainshaft, case # T86X-1X, Case length 8.12"
    T-86 has a 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft. Length of input shaft
    varies with application. Output is 1 3/8" 6 spline.
    Gear Ratios: 2.798 1.687 1.00 3.798
    T-86 case/gears and other parts are interchangable with with the T-90.
    T-90 Cast iron case, Straight cut 1st and reverse gear, staight cut
    mainshaft, case # T90X-1X, Case length 8.12"
    T-90 has a 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft. Length of input shaft
    varies with application. Output is 1 3/8" 6 spline.
    Same with the T-86.
    T-90 Gear Ratios include:
    (CJ version) 2.98 1.66 1.00 N/A(r)
    (PU version) 3.44 1.85 1.00 N/A(r)
    T-90-J 2.798 1.551 1.00 3.798(r)
    T-14 Cast iron case, mainshaft has 10 splines on the output
    Case # T14X-1X or 13-02-065-9XX, Case length 8.68"
    T-14 has a 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft. The I6 T-14 has a 1 3/8"
    6 spline output while the V6 version has a 1 3/16" 10
    spline output. Input shafts lengths also vary between the
    two applications.
    Gear Ratios: 3.10 2.61 1.00 3.10(r)
    T-15 Cast iron case, mainshaft has 6 splines on the output
    Case # T15A-1X or 13-07-065-9XX, Case length 10"
    T-15 has a 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft and 1 3/8" 6 spline
    output shaft.
    Gear Ratios: 3.00 1.83 1.00 3.00(r)
    T-98 has a very similar appearance to the T-18 except a casting
    number of T98. It is heavy duty like the T-18, but a bit more
    prone to wear since bearings and lubrication are not as good.
    Internals from a T-18 can be put in a T-98 case
    T-98 was used in Jeep, Ford, and IH trucks.
    Gear Ratios: 6.40 3.09 1.69 1.00 n/a(r)
    T-18 Cast iron case, not synchronized on first, originally Ford
    truck part number on case T18-1X or 13-01-065-9XX,
    case length 11.87"
    T-18A were wide ratio with 6.32:1 first gear.
    Gear Ratios: 6.32 3.09 1.69 1.00 7.44(r)
    T-18 were close ratio and had a 4.02:1 first gear. There is NO way
    to tell from the outside of the tranny unfortunately.
    Putting it in first gear and rotating the input shaft and
    counting the output shafts revolutions is the only real
    way to verify.
    Gear Ratios: 4.02 2.41 1.41 1.00 4.73(r)
    T-18 is probably the most common transmission to swap into a Jeep
    because it is heavy duty, relatively inexpensive, and it can
    be swapped in easier than almost any other transmission.
    T-18 was used in IH trucks from the mid 60s until the mids 70s.
    They all tend to have long input shafts compared to the Jeep
    and Ford T-18s. All of the T-18s used in the Scout 800 and
    Scout II are close ratio T-18s with a first gear around 4:1.
    It is an excellent transmission, but it doesn't have the low
    first off-roaders want. Other IH trucks do use wide ratio T-18s.
    T-18 An advantage of the IH 4WD T-18s is most of them were mated
    with the Dana 20 transfer case. The Dana 20 used in Scout
    trucks uses the same bolt pattern and input gear as most
    of the Dana 20s used in Jeep trucks. The transmission to
    transfer case adapter for the Dana 20 used in IH trucks
    is short like the adapter used in Jeep trucks.
    Rebuilding one of these transmissions with a Ford or Jeep
    input shaft may be a way of getting a low buck T-18 in
    your Jeep.
    SR-4 Aluminum case, ball bearings on maindrive gear and mainshaft,
    top cover has a Ford casting mark.
    Case # 13-32-065-9XX or 13-40--065-9XX, case length 9.25"
    Gear Ratios: 4.07 2.39 1.49 1.00 3.95(r)
    T-4 Aluminum case, tapered bearings on maindrive gear and mainshaft
    Case # 13-51-065-9XX or 13-52-065-9XX, case length 9 3/16"
    Gear Ratios: 4.03 2.37 1.50 1.00 3.76(r)
    T-5 Aluminum case, tapered bearings on maindrive gear and mainshaft
    Case # 13-51-065-9XX or 13-52-065-9XX, case length: 9 3/16"
    T-5 has a 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft and a 23 spine output shaft.
    Gear ratios: 4.03 2.37 1.50 1.00 0.86 3.76(r)
    T-150 Cast iron case, three speed, fully synchronized,
    Case # 260XXXX, case length: 9.18"
    T-150 has casting numbers of 2603983 or 2603347 on the drivers side
    and 2603357 on top.
    T-150 input shafts is 1 1/8" 10 spline and the output is
    1 3/8" 6 spline.
    Gear Ratios: 2.99 1.75 1.00 3.17(r)
    T-17X Aluminum case, 4 speed, Case # C2604XXX, case length 10.25"
    The other T-17X trannies differed only in gear ratios.
    T-176 3.52 2.27 1.46 1.00 3.52(r)
    T-177 3.82 2.29 1.46 1.00 3.82(r)
    T-178 3.00 2.08 1.47 1.00 3.01(r)
    T-17X has 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft and a 23 spine output shaft.

    AX4 solid case, used with 4 cylinders Jeeps up to 10/04/88.
    AX5 solid case, cast iron intermediate plate, used in all
    Wranglers from 1987-1989. After mid 1989, used only in
    4 cylinder Wranglers.
    Gear ratios: 3.93 2.33 1.45 1.00 0.85 4.74(r)
    BA10/5 (Peugeot) split case, used with Jeep 6 cylinder engines
    1987 up to 03/09/89, The input shaft is 1 1/8" 10 spline
    and the output shaft can be 21 spline or 23 spline.
    BA10/5 was used in all Wranglers from 1987-mid 1989.
    It was also used in Cherokees and Comanches with the
    2.8L V6, 2.5L I4, and 4.0L I6 from their start till 1989.
    Gear ratios: 3.39 2.33 1.44 1.00 0.79 4:47(r)
    AX15 aluminum intermediate plate, used with Jeep 6 cylinder
    engines after 03/03/89 to present

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    Thanks again.

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    Any links to a anywhere that has a rebuild / shop manual for a T176?
    81 CJ7, 30 over 258, did the Weber thing now I'm going with a Howell injection kit, 2.5 lift, SRS, and the all important M998 instrument panel with Equus gages. Also have a 71 AMC 360 to rebuild when I kill the 258.


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