First off, happy Thanksgiving to all. As 2009 sneaks to a close, I think we can all look forward to a better and stronger 2010. I am seeing a large resurgence of interest and support for land use and access efforts. Letís continue to lead the charge to a brighter future.

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2010 Land Use War Machine: Iím having some fun with this, but Iím also excited to announce the ďnew lookĒ of my battle tank, a 1997 TJ Wrangler, with a long list of business sponsors and supporters who are helping me do my part to keep our trails open and our sports alive. Without these great folks, my wheels would be parked. I call it a war machine, because 2010 is the year to rage land use fights like never before. Check out my wheels and how these businesses are in the game big time to help.

Southwest Crawlfest New Event: FYI, this is a fairly new event near St. George, Utah looking for raffle items and attendees. Itís FREE. Yup, free Ė they pay for their expenses and still have money to donate to land use organizations through their raffle ticket sales alone. January 29, 30, 2010. We are supporting their effort to raise awareness of this awesome event because the Rockaholics Anonymous are donating to the right causes.

King of the Hammers Driverís Seat Free Ride: Want to drive in the famous offroad race, King of the Hammers? Write an essay why you should be selected to drive in the Griffin Radiators KOH Race in a fully sponsored rig Ė yup, you drive; their rig. Your entry must be in to Pirate4x4 by Dec. 25th. KOH is in February at Johnson Valley, CA.

$4.00 to Join BlueRibbon Coalition: BRC is running their special deal with 4Wheel Parts where you can join, renew or EXTEND your current membership and get a $25 Gift Card from 4WP at the same time -- $29 bucks for an individual, with $25 back to you in a Gift Card, meaning you just helped save more trails for $4.00 for a year. This is a no-brainer.

Christmas Auction for BlueRibbon Coalition: Several of my personal 4x4 sponsors and many other businesses are kicking in a huge effort to help BRC raise some funds with an eBay type auction starting Dec. 1st. Weíre talking well over $10,000 in goodies (so far with a rapidly growing list), of parts and neat accessories. This is a great way for you to save some bucks while helping land use. Itís also another indicator that our business partners are more than willing to do their part to help keep our lands and waterways open for access.

State Offroad Associations: most of our OHV related state associations are lining up their events and new-year kick off activities. Please be supportive and sign up to attend all those you can fit into your schedule and budget. Our strength in the fight to keep our access starts at the local and state level. We need all the organizations we can muster in order to win this battle. I lay out some strategies I think we need to employ to win the war on access in my article (link below). Be sure to check it out and stay involved with your state clubs/associations.

Poison Spyder Supports Land Use: Poison Spyder just released new Rocker Knockers with "Access Army" laser cut into them. WOW. They have chosen to also contribute 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these goodies to the national group, BlueRibbon Coalition. Awesome. Thank you Poison Spyder.

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Southwest Crawlfest Event:
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BlueRibbon 4Wheel Parts Deal:
Article: Strategies to Win the War on Access:
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Thanks for all you do, and my best for a safe and happy Thanksgiving,