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Thread: Lairs bond fire day

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    Default Lairs bond fire day AND RACE

    THE OLD LAIRS TABLE AT THE LOCAL COFFEE SHOP, HAS ADVANDCED TO THE LAIRS BOND FIRE DAY AT CAROLINABACKWOODS .COM NEAR MYRTLE BEACH, JAN 9 TH, EVENTS ARE ROCK CLIMB, AND GRUDGE OR TIME RACE FLAT TRACK.WINNER GETS HALF THE EVENT MONEY FOR THE EVENT THEY ARE IN. " NO PROS " ARE ALLOWED TO RUN THESE EVENTS. 35'S AND UNDER, AND 35,S UP. ROCK CLIMB MUST HAVE ROLL BAR AND BELTS. ROCK CLIMB 11:00 AM. FLAT RACE 1:30 pm gate fee $15.00, spectater $ 5.00. event fee $5.00 per event. bond fire start at 10:30am. you do not have to enter the events, but you will have to pay the regular fee, if you only want to wheel and tell lies. all event rigs have to be approved by larryray before the event. do not take advanage of other wheelers.
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