Title says it all, I've got a handy tire & gear calculator that I built up in Excel if anyone is interested. Dump your gearing & tire info into it and it'll give you min and max rpm speeds, a cruising rpm speed, crawl ratio, a built in metric tire conversion calc., and it shows all gear ranges at the same time. It's not fully complete yet; I've got a few more ideas for equations to jam in it, maybe something to show HP loss by wheel & tire weight, that kind of thing. I'm gonna use all ya'll as my guinea pigs and see what everyone wants added or taken away. I've seen many different calculators online and I decided I wanted one for my own shop that I didn't need an internet connection for, so I got started. Itís really handy if you want to play with your gearing and tire sizes to see how it changes road speeds and engine capabilities. I've used it to spot holes in my power curve when I was thinking of changing to a different tranny. If anyone is interested and wants to be added to the mailing list for the newest version, just send a message to [email protected] with ADD ME in the subject line, I'll reply with ADDED and the calculator attachment. If at anytime you want to be removed, same song and dance, just use REMOVE ME in the subject. I hope that eventually I can get this thing dialed in with quite a few handy calculators and send it to Fourwheeler and P4WOR to put on their sites for anyone and everyone to use.

And please give me any feedback possible about tweaks or other calculators you would like to see added; such as engine displacement for boring, stroking, compression ratio, etc... Bring 'em on.

If you don't have MS Office and still want to try out this spreadsheet, try www.openoffice.org, it's an open source office suite that is completely free.