Anyone here into Internationals?

Trying to get concrete info on the Scout II rear Dana 44 axle.

Mines at the shop, and not pulled apart yet

I'm wondering about the axle shafts, if they are the same length for left and right (interchangable, like the Chryco 8.25)

Or different lengths.

Been searching 1/2 the night, and have come up with both

One company had only 1 part# listed for them, and one forum had different lengths listed. Not sure if IH used offset diffs and D18 cases like Jeep did. My pumpkin is centered for the most part.

There's tons of info on D44's, but I can't find anything specific to the IH Scout II.

I want to order a set of alloy shafts, or even spare stockers.

It's not as easy as ordering Jeep parts, they everything listed for Jeep axles

Hopefully get my axle torn down before this weekend, and will be able to measure them. But thought I'd check and see if anyone here was a 'Corn Binder Afficianado'