Any of you that have worked on the CJ 258 (4.2L) inline six, know that getting the valve cover to seal is an exercise in frustration.

Fel-Pro came out with a new gasket a while back, and I just installed the second one.

The new gasket is called a 'Sponge-Lam', and that is what it is, a piece of thin, rigid metal, laminated on each side wide a sponge like gasket material

The best part, this gasket can be reused multiple times. I believe I had the valve cover off 6 times with the first spomge-lam gasket I used.

The stock # is : VS 50244 R

The cost is $48, pricey, but worth it. This gasket seals the valve cover effertlessly, wether using the stock plastic cover, or an aluminim aftermarket cover.

It holds it's shape, and doesn't 'squirt out' like a plain cork gasket.

Make sure all sealing surfaces are clean, and free of any RTV or old cork/gasket material.

Not a great pic, but you can see the thin metal piece between the gaskets. This holds the gaskets shape.

All buttoned up. Took about 1/2 hour on my rig. Some rigs have more stuff to move, in order to remove the cover. I only have the fuel line in the way, and a coule of vacuum lines.

Don't forget to install the '710' cap when your done