Either that or when I win the lottery (that I don't play) or when I save enough money, I'm starting to get some ideas for my YJ. Axles are the big thing and what I'm having trouble with. Sure, D60's are nice and so are rockwells, but they are heavy and wide. I'm leaning towards early Bronco axles, D44 and 9" from model years 72-76 with available 35 splines specifically. I know they will still be expensive to build and this will be a slow build anyway so, what can they handle? Is there a magical formula as to the biggest size tires I could run with those? Ideally, read a long time from now, I would like to be in the 42" range. Built right would they hold? Engine will probably never be anything more than the 4.0 and gears will be around 5.38. Is this feasible?