funny thing happened today, driving to the mud pit. as soon as i pulled onto the road leading there i heard a stange clunking sound. so i pulled over and looked at the exahust, thinking it maybe hitting something. it wasn't that so more toward the engine. with the engine off i begine pulling an wiggling the pullys. none seemed like they were loose, so to double check it i turned it back on. at first for the way my engine temps were i thought it may be the water pump. sitting there scratching my head i happened to look down. to my amazment the balancer pully lost all its rubber and was digging into the timing cover! being out of cell range i hopped back in it, went about 10 miles at about 75 mph. had to stop since my temps were way hot (250+). so while i waited for it to cool i deducted that if i were to take off the powersteering belt, it would minimize the damage done by the busted pully. with only my altenator belt only i drove home at highway speeds, engine running cool. despite the fact through metal expantion/ cantraction my carb backed off. priced a new pully for $77 through quadratech, and some how the 4.2 is still alive! think my new license plate will say "BOHICA", junkyard jeep strikes again