After reading a post on another board about some foul customer service with another company, I figured I would post a little something about the level of service I received from Rockhard 4x4.

I had ordered the rocker sliders from Quadratec and they were made by Rockhard 4x4. Unfortunately, they came very scratched up and the powder coat was chipped all over. I had a chunk of metal scratched out of the back of one of them and it looked like they just threw them in a pile after powder coating them. Needless to say, after paying like 300 bucks for them, I was a little upset at the quality of the product received. Looking back on it now, I think it was actually quadratec that had possibly sent an item that someone had returned...

I emailed quadratec and received no response at all. I emailed rockhard and they emailed me back in a day or two. The gentleman that wrote the email apoligized and told me that they would make things right. I told them that I did not need anything and that I was just upset when I got them, but thanks for the offer. I was not looking for a hook-up, just wanted to let them know how their products arrived.

About a month later I was looking at the sport cages online and decided to get the rockhard 4x4 sport cage. I did not know if the offer still stood to "make things right", but I figured it was worth a shot. I figured that turning down their initial offer burned the bridge on that deal.

Well, they told me the offer still stood and laid out the deal they would offer me. It was too good to pass up and made the sport cage cheaper than I could get it anywhere online or through a 4x4 shop. My new cage arrived while I was in Texas and just need to be painted before I install it.

So, if asked, I would recommend rockhard 4x4 to anyone and would buy more products from them if needed. I think that it is rare that companies go to such great length to keep their customers satisfied.