OK, so 2 weeks ago I go wheeling, Jeep ran pretty OK, but did just die on a couple climbs (never did that before) On the way home, it started running crappy i.e. cutting out, backfiring, dieing. I limped it home at like 35mph. it's sat for 2 weeks because I havent had time to mess with it. I took it around the block today and it didn't die or backfire, but has absolutely NO power, like it took me 20 seconds to get up to 35 mph.....ran it over to a little po-dunk shop (only went there because it's like 1/2 mile from my house) dude looked it over and said his GUESS was it might be a clogged catalytic converter?? He said an other shop should have the equipment to test it but he doesn't have that piece of equipment. (dude was pretty cool, didn't charge me anything)

Thanks for any suggestions on stuff to check. I REALLY want to try to get it up for the Bragg MJ run on Saturday!

4 cyl with cold air intake, 3 speed auto.

anyone have any ideas what it MIGHT be or where I can start checking??