DTOR $1000 Turtle Shell Challenge

by DirtyTurtle Offroad on Friday, September 17, 2010 at 9:07pm

As of 9/17/2010........

Dirty Turtle Offroad and members of TEAM DTOR have been working around the clock this week. Last week, Lucas from Moab Offroad in Louisville, KY conquered our Trail #21 and collected the $200.00 cash bounty. (We are waiting to hear what Lucas will name his new trail.) Needless to say, TEAM DTOR became inspired to create more extreme trails for those extreme rigs. Not to worry stockers and mods, we have added a ton of new trails for you all as well.

In addition to Trail #21, we have added two more trails that we have named "The Bunny Slopes". (Once they are conquered they will be renamed accordingly.)

DTOR has increased the bounty to $1000.00!!!!!!! This Challenge is open to 4x4 rigs only!

Here is the lowdown:

1. You must successfully conquer 3 trails in the same rig on the same day. The three trails are Trail #21, and the Bunny Slopes.
2. You must enter and stay within the boundaries of the caution tape. Anyone who breaks the caution tape is DQ.
3. You must land on all 4 wheels coming out of each of the exits.
4. TRAILS MUST NOT BE ALTERED IN ANY FASHION!! No Stacking of rocks or use of winch.
5. You must have a roll cage and helmet.
6. You must video tape the entire attempt and post on Facebook and youtube.

If you all thought Trail #21 was wild and wicked..........hehehehehehehehehe...............The "Bunny Slopes" will make you consider your sanity before rolling a tire up on them.

Bounty Begins tomorrow Sat. 9/18/2010 and will continue until some conquers the challenge.

Think you have the rig to be the FIRST to conquer the DTOR $1000 Turtle Shell Challenge? The Dirty Turtle and TEAM DTOR Awaits you!!!!!!