I tried to throw something together right now that will help alleviate problems noticed from last year. Last year info had to be sent to me and I had to put it on the pages. This may not have been a big problem this year since I am back in the US, but it will still slow stuff down.

If you are posting information about Camp MJ for a specific area that is pretty solid, please get with me and we can set up access to the system to allow you to update your pages. I am still working on the site, but right now it is what it is and it will make it easier for people to get info fast than having to sift through threads trying to find the stuff they are looking for.

The site is not too "pretty", but it does work and the template can be changed later on without having to input the info again. Only one or two key people per camp mj should have access to the system or problems start developing with the possibility of conflicting info getting posted.