The center body mount on TJ's seems to take a beating for us rock crawlers. I have had to fix some on clients rigs that were near mangled beyond all recognition. In fact some were so bad they were near un fixable. In playing around with these things this is how I now REHAB them:

1) I start by opening it up enough to remove the body mount bolt

2) Then using a plasma cutter I cut the body mount off at the frame and grind the area down smooth

3) I now take the body mount and straighten it out to OEM specs

4) In cutting off the mount you lose some steel thus the mount does not sit in as far away from the frame, I add a piece of flat 3/16 steel that is approx 4x5" which I weld to the back of the mount.

5) Taking the finished piece, reattach it to the body without the body lift puck and tack the back plate to the frame. This insures a good bolt fit and proper placement, also raising the body mount further up by approx 1 in. NOTE. This still works even if you do not have a body lift, just do not use the OEM rubber mount, you can add a thin rubber mount by cutting your OEM rubber mount down.

6) Remove the rubber body mount portions and finish weld the mount to the frame

7) Let cool, paint put the rubber mount back in place and go wheeling with that body mount now safely tucked up and out of the way...