Ok, Korisu56 dogged me down a bit for taking my Jeep to the dealership to fix the fan clutch. After getting my very own idiot book, I see how easy it would have been to repair. The dealership in question is Tysons Jeep here in NOVA. I've always had good service with them on this and my previous Jeep. Well, pick up the Jeep Monday evening and of course as we all do, checked verify that the parts were actually replaced. The fan clutch was new, so, good to go. Then, as I continued my inspection I noticed that my radiator had a nice ol' 5"x6" smash on the inside, with the fins all flat and mangled. I was pissed of course, and called this morning to see what could be done about it, expecting to get hosed. Wrong! I took it back to the service shop so their customer rep from the Service dept could see, and loo and behold they will replace my radiator due to the techs oops this week. No bs at all, and she was really cool to talk to too. Just a dealership story with a happy ending, not always the case in my experiance