I am very happy with this product and highly reccomend.
The Prerunner guard is Constructed to provide excellent support both onroad and off.
The powdercoating is textured which gives it a nice flat black look. The powdercoat is very sturdy and has stayed in place even after cars test its durability in parking lots. I think it has been hit 2 times buy other people parking and there has been no damage to the powdercoat or the frame. There are 4 auxilary mounting holes for additional lighting. The guard provides protection across almost to the outside edge of the tire which provides additional protection to your supension parts, wheels, tires and fenders in case of tree or car front end collisions. This is one of the primary reasons I chose this bumper setup. This bumper perform some protection in regards to rolling over forwards but not quite as much as a purpose built Stinger.

It provides no internal wiring capabilities to wire Aux Lighting to the mounts. This Can be done but may hinder strength of the tubing, although probably minimal.

The Rugged Ridge D Rings included with the Bumper cannot be attached with the PreRunner Guard Set-up. You must provide your own to fit the mounts.

It is expensive