At the end of February I ordered some AEV Pintler wheels. After trying to contact them several times about my order I finally got through to someone to cancel the order as the AEV Wheels were on factory backorder. This was at the end of March/beginning of April. After several calls and repeatedly getting the run around. I would call and they would say they would email me to update me on the status of my refund. I finally recieved my refund earlier this week.

As for the customer service,
1. Everyone I spoke with on the phone was going to do something about my refund.
2. It took repeated phone calls of me not losing my temper to get something done.
3. I finally was put on the phone with the manager who was going to email me about the status of my refund and never did.

I was never worried about getting a refund or getting the parts in question. I just don't like getting the run around when I deal with a company. If I paid you for a service please do me the favor of doing what you're supposed to do instead of making me hound you to get you to do your job.

All in all my experience wasn't that bad but I won't ever do business with them again.