1. Legal Issues; from the Eldorado National Forest to the shores of New Jersey, check out what our largest legal effort in OHV recreation is doing, with BRC's legal team here:

2. United FWDA: raffles, jeep blessings, landuse updates, e-news, Carnegie SVRA and more, here:

3. BRC, BlueRibbon Coalition: a whole new look; an improved mission and presence nationwide, and your home for landuse and access alerts, news and battles.
More on my blog here:

4. After Market Affairs: whether you’re an off-roader, a classic car bug, or a car hobbyist who needs aftermarket products, SEMA Government Affairs are out there fighting for us and with us. Learn more about SEMA here:

5. Ocotillo Wells: southern CA desert, affecting all of us in this lawsuit; more here:

5. Imperial Sand Dunes (Algodones): BLM issues RAMP, more here:; and here is the take on this from the American Sand Association: http://www.americansandassociation.o...ision-for-ramp.

6. Independence Day: "bread and circuses," the Roman Empire said as long as people had food and fun, they would not worry much about the erosion of their nation (borrowed from Brad Thor's book, The Apostle). The current erosion of the USA includes the dismantling of our recreational freedoms, especially OHV recreation, by motor. Will we sit by, especially when we are celebrating July 4th, Independence Day, and let our access be butchered by exclusionary elitists (borrowed from Stacie Albright quote)??? More about what July 4th means here:
### All for now....Team Albright

Del Albright