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Thread: Trail Ethics and Common Courtesy

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    Default Trail Ethics and Common Courtesy


    By Del Albright

    One primary way to save our sports and keep our trails open is to always set a good example for others...especially for those who are not members of organized recreation and might not know the rules of the road. Your club or group should have a list of rules/ethics to play by. It's not a hard thing to build (the list) and it just takes education to get folks to follow along. Well, some folks might never get it and they just need to be busted by the law if needed.

    But for most of us, given a simple set of common sense rules (trail ethics), we will follow them. If you don't want to build your own, use something like these samples. If you want to build your own and adapt it to your specific area, just sift and sort through these and pick the ones that make the most sense to your club.

    Let's bring in the kids too! Don't expect public schools, for the most part, to teach your kid common sense or even common courtesy....let alone manners. It's just not happening in most places. Seems like a lot of schools would rather indoctrinate your kid into hugging a tree or loving liberalism. Be that as it may, include your kids in the ethics you use for your club/group. Teach them young.

    A lot of what folks think about us comes from our "image." And image is perception sometimes....what people perceive; they believe. So be careful when it comes to our image. The minute we get lazy and don't stop for some trail trash, there will be someone who wants to blame that trash on us!

    Here are some links to great Trail Ethics and some common courtesy stuff that will help you find the best list for you and your club/group.

    Some Basic Training Rules for Life:

    More on common sense and courtesy:

    BRC Recreation Code of Ethics:

    About the Image of Recreationists:

    Set the example; help save our sports and trails.
    Del Albright
    Jeeper, Land Use Advocate, US Army Special Forces (ret)
    Host of Volunteer and Leadership Training Online, RLTC
    Founding Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon
    1997 TJ, lifted, locked, winched and racked

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    Great Post Del!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jeepndel View Post

    A lot of what folks think about us comes from our "image." And image is perception sometimes....what people perceive; they believe.
    So true! Around here, people who don't wheel have the perception that we are all "Beer swilling, knuckle dragging rednecks that tear up the ditches and water holes with our 'Mud Trucks' "

    That's a perception we try hard to change.

    I belong to the NMJ (Northern MN Jeepers) and we are the first and only club (so far) to get a Grant-In-Aid trail (ORV only) on the ground in Minnesota.

    It took over 13 years before a single tree was even cut!

    We take great pains to make sure we pick up any trash around our parking lot and the trail, even when we know it's not ours.

    Perception is reality, people see our ORV parking lot, and the trash the college kids left from partying, they think it is us.

    'Never leave anyone behind' is another 'rule' we follow, as I'm sure most here do also.

    "Getting the locals involved"

    Another way to change our image, is by getting the public involved.

    We offered up a 'Ride Along' to the city councils, the mayors, chief of police, and other business leaders in the area.

    Our club is also active in the community, much like many of the chapters here on MJ.

    The better our image is as a whole, the better our chances of making new areas and keeping the areas we have now, will be.

    As long as the people remain armed,
    government knows that it cannot rule over the people by force.
    Those who stand in defiance of unconstitutional laws
    do so out of duty, honor, oath and love of country.

    "Certified Jeep Junky!"


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