Eff this company! If I have any choice I'll never fly this company again!!!! Recently I took a trip to GA from CO. Flying straight from Den to Atl and the same coming back. This was the worst flying experience I've ever had bar none and it started right off the get go. Flying/checking in from Den to Atl went as one would expect. We landed in GA at roughly 1815 made our way through the airport and went to our baggage claim. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting..... waiting. No luggage. Went to customer service. She had no answer, referred me to go "find the little black man" which was her supervisor and was near the baggage claim. Couldn't find him and I went back. She searched for a little while and eventually find my luggage. IT WAS STILL IN DENVER! They didn't load it on the plain and I was told it would be on the next plane landing at 0030. Ok.... no big deal except for that my son's car seat was in the check baggage. So I made my way to Enterprise and picked up my rental car and rented a car seat. Went and ate then eventually made my way back to the airport and picked up my luggage. It was 0115 by time I had it. Yay I've been in the Atlanta airport with a cranky woman and a four year old for almost 7 hours. I'm thrilled! Vaca goes ok, as expected visiting her family. On the way home I get us to the check in counter, there are roughly 3 people in front of me in line, 3 being helped, and 6 behind me in line. All of us are "late" and will not make the flight though we are there and checking in prior to the companies 45 minute prior policy. We all get bumped from that flight. GRRREEEAAAT! I've been up since 0300 drove an hour go get here with a cranky woman who is in no means a morning person and my son they've been up since 0340. Now with it being Dec 30th they are all booked up and we have to fly standby on the next flight at 1900 that night. Pissed! I go to a hotel at the airport (The Marriott, great experience and highly recommend if you can afford the extra cash). Get some rest and call Frontier Corporate to complain. Was told and I quote "there is nothing "we" can do to help you as you haven't finished your flight yet." VERY PISSED! They won't even consider paying for my hotel room. All this after being on hold for 45 minutes waiting to get through. I go and get some more rest, show back up very early to fly standby. We don't make the flight. Told that I will be first in line. The only good thing this company does is offer to hold on to my luggage since I won't need it over night. We show back up for the morning flight Dec 31 at 0445. Actually make this flight after some seat assignment jumping because all three of us were separated which is not good for a four year old. Flying home I purchase him the inflight movie "Planes" to keep him content on the 3 hour flight. 20 minutes into the movie it stops playing. I'm told that I'd have to purchase it again and get reimbursed when we land. Eff that, lil man is sound asleep. Land go to cust service, no help I now have to call corporate to get my money. Go to baggage claim, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting...AGAIN!?!?!?!? Go to cust service. Oh we do have your bags in the back room. We thought that you weren't on this flight and would come back later to get your bags. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP DOUCHE FAGS! Never again!