So the Neon pushbar is finished.

Out in the wild, I've even had a Utah Highway Patrol officer give a thumbs up in passing. I added 4 circuits for lighting, all are run through a separate fuse block, and every pair of lights is served by its own relay. After that, the wiring is all taped, loomed and tucked away as best as I could.

But I'm going to change things up. I LOVE the LEDs, I really do, they are going to be moved, but not sure where yet. The projector fogs aren't great. Yes, they have a great cutoff, but since they sit so low, the light is all but useless. I'm giving some thought to lightly trimming the foglight area so the ends are more round. And fit some 4" foglights and 4" driving beams next to each other. I have some other lights to get and try before finalizing things.

I believe I get more stares and looks because of the lights alone, before people notice the pushbar. The pushbar is made of 3/16" plate. and my simple mounts have it plenty solid. I wouldn't push anything heavy with it, nor would I use it to tow from. Overall, I'm very pleased and happy. I want to play with other lights still, as mentioned. LEOs don't seem to have any issue with the lights.