OK folks, I placed a poll on the FB page for choosing the date. The link is below, so there isn't surprises the dates are for: Labor Day Weekend, Patriots Day Weekend and Columbus Day Weekend. It is a little tough keeping both spots up to date but I will keep trying. I am getting crushed with work because the monitor has yet to send people to my illustrious unit and school is school. Not sure if we will be able to attend this year because of our schedules and plus we just forked out a whole lot of money to build a garage. I want to keep us active though, I do not want to see us go the way of J'Ville Jeepers. Any of yall were stationed in the Jacksonville area up until about 2-3 years ago should know what I am talking about. Once the core guys got orders out of here or EAS'd, the newer guys didnt keep up with things. Anyway, I digress; pass the word folks and not like a crappy weekend brief.