So driving to work one day on 422 in PA, for those that know, going up hill and I start to loose power. I pull into a parking lot and it dies. Now I can get it to run for a few minutes and the it just cuts off. It wont start again until it sits for a while. I have done a nutter bypass and replaced the coil with an MSD coil that I believe can push 40000V, I did replace the distributer a few years ago as well, and the ICM, all about 4 yrs ago when doing the nutter bypass.
I have been told it could be the voltage regulator inside the alternator. So I am wondering what the most likely culprit is. I have tested the voltage on the batter with the jeep running, it was around 14V, and shortly after it stopped it was 12V, which is normal from what i'm told. So the Alternator appears to be charging the battery.
The jeep just feels like it looses spark. Oh I did also disconnect the exhaust at the header, my first thought was a clogged CAT, but that is not the case.
Any help would be appreciated.