Quick background, I joined MJ when it was young and thriving. Did the first Rausch Creek with a number of friends. Did the deployment deal several times and then retired. Haven't been on MJ for some time and came back to realize this is basically dead.

Who: Anyone that wants to assist is more than welcome.

What: Kick start MJ and get it back to what it was.

When: Spring or Summer 2020. I need to get people involved and work out a date. Realizing that not everyone will be able to attend, but we can work it out to where as many as possible.

Where: Rausch Creek, PA http://rc4x4.org/

Why: Because we need to get it back together and enjoy the MJ community.

How: By you and everyone you can reach getting the word out and encouraging participation.

I will post this on all the Regional Discussion for a group effort.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Volunteering is not an option, this is a Voluntold effort.

I am located in Central PA, near State College/Penn State. I will set up contact information and talk to Rausch Creek to see what dates are available. I will also reach out to vendors to see what interest they have and get the ball rolling.

MJ will be back.