Two friends and I went in on building a bender. Our buddy Russell built it and also bought the Bend-Tech computer program. The program is awsome! With a few measurements, we deisigned my cage this morning, and got started on some bends.
I'm going with a complete new cage, not using the factory bar at all.
My main concerns were to be able to still use the hardtop,use the hard doors, have a 'family' style full cage, and not have the A pillar interfere with swinging my feet in and out the door opening. Looks like I'll not only have that, but have the use of my (stock) window cranks, glovebox and grab bar above the glove box.
Here is the design we came up with using the Bend-tech program:

The 2 main bars: Along with my helper, my oldest son Ty.

Window crank still clears!!!! Usually you have to get shorter crank handles or open the door to roll it up and down.

Going to also run a bar behind the seatbacks, for the 4 point harness', and that will get triangulated (it's not on the design pic yet.) And run spreaders at the bottom between the A and B pillars, along with a couple cross bars for mounting the seats and lapbelt portion of the harness.
Of course this will all be tied into the frame.

Going to work on it some more tomorrow, and I'll post more pics as I go.
The last thing we did tonight was set the hardtop back on. The cage fits nice and tight inside, without actually touching the top.