Due to unforeseen luck that came way too early, I'm rolling on project SOA. This is a long term project, obviously. This is what I have. (1) Ford 8.8 rear from Dan's 97 Exploder, (1) front Dana 44 from a 91 SJ, and (1) rear Dana 44 from the same donor vehicle. The 44s have a 6 lug pattern and the 8.8 a 5-4.5. I'd like to stick to the 8.8 in the rear and put the 44 up front. Is there a way to match up the bolt patterns? 6 all around would be golden. Bolt 5-4.5 in the front wouldn't make me cry either. The only axle kits I've found for the 8.8 are 5 on 4.5 or 5.5. There's got to be a shaft or adaptor out there to make this 6.

My rims are 5-4.5 now. They're black steelies, so replacing them won't be a big issue.

Worst case scenario is to use the 44 in the rear and then it's mute. But like I said, I'd like to use the 8.8 if possible. BTW, which ever one I don't use will be going up for sale.