Spent a whopping 2 minutes devising this master poem for another thread. But I figured I would post it here so you could enjoy it more easily.

River crossed many times
by jeeps, stock and lifted
but when river was crossed this time
damn jeep and driver were gifted

in river jeep found a big hole
good thing that ****er was locked
because all that saw it know
the engine of the jeep would have been ****ed

it tipped to the right a bit
passenger window was almost half way down
as water flowed in NAME thought "holy shit"
and started to look around

he got the jeep out of danger,
he never meant to go that deep
thankfully he had a snorkel as insurance
or they may have been towing home his jeep.

A snorkel is not a free pass to be stupid
but i got photos of people that did
and they were stuck in the middle of a river
right next to a boat full of kids

or that guy that went wheeling at midnight
as campers cheered loudly by the shore.
he romped through the river a few times that night
and his jeep no workin' no more