So the other day I got hit by a rock. The noise of the rock hitting the window was loud enough that I thought the jeep got shot and it scared the crap out of me. I looked at the window from inside and saw nothing.

So the other day I notice a small glimmer coming from the center top of my windshield while I was driving. After a closer look, I could see that it was starting to crack behind the DoD sticker. Damn.

So knowing we are going wheeling this Saturday, I figured I would push replacing it off until we get back. I remember thinking to myself "man, I hope it does not crack more".

So yesterday I got in my jeep and noticed that the crack was growing and was now behind where my rear view mirror mounts. I just hoped it would not crack more and almost begged the window to stop cracking.

So this morning the crack had babies and I now have two cracks with one starting to aim down in the seven o'clock position and the other to the 5. So again like a dumbass, I said to myself "man, I hope the crack does not shoot across the window and mess up my view".

So this afternoon I jumped in the jeep to head home from work and noticed that one crack took a turn and is now shooting across my windshield and is growing. Obviously it is doing the opposite of what I hope it will do...

So, with that said, I will post it here and I sat in the jeep and said it out loud many times before going into the house..... "I hope the crack does not start to get smaller and heal itself."