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Thread: Help with mounting OEM sway bar - CJ7

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    Default Help with mounting OEM sway bar - CJ7

    I thought this was a pretty easy job, but I'm stumped. I've got what I believe to be an OEM swaybar that I'm adding to a CJ7 which previously did not have one. The diameter of the bar is 1 1/8 while it seems that stock was 7/8, so it could be aftermarket but I was told it was stock. At any rate, I'm going by the instructions in the Haynes manual and according to the picture in the manual, the two mounting brackets for the sway bar don't appear to be mounted directly to the frame. Instead they seem to be "hovering" next to the frame but I can't figure out for the life of me what they are connected to.

    Does anyone have any pics of their CJ7 that could show me where the sway bar is supposed to mount? Using the brackets that came with the bar, I've tried to match any suitable holes that are already in the frame, but nothing lines up. So I'll probably need to fab a new bracket which isn't a big deal, but I have no clue which holes to line it up with.
    2 pics of my frame and 1 pic from the Haynes manual.
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