I made these about 2 years ago, but didnt notice this forum was here.

I got tired of the typical orange lense cover for the front blinkers, so I decided to do something about it. I got some slighty obscure Lexan to do the modification. (Lexan - really durable plastic shit - past a certain thickness it is bullet proof)

Made a pattern of the light on the lexan and cut out with a jigsaw then sanded off the sharp edges & cleaned up the cut lines. Marked where the existing screw holes were and drilled them. The hardest part was getting the orange lense to release from the light component itself. I use a putty knife, razor blade and some solvent and gradually worked my way around till I got the cover to pop off. There were 2 little numbs that stick up enabling the lense to lock into the fixture. Sanded them off in a second, layed a bead of silicone, lined up the screw holes, set the lexan piece in place, clamped edges and allowed to dry. In all, I think it took less than an hour to do both. I like them MUCH better than the orange ones. I put an orange bulb behind them, so they are still legal. I hear there an LED bulb that burns orange, so it still looks clear in non-use. Think I may get some. *thought I had a pic of the lights only when they were off, but the wreck one is best I could do.