Easy Fire Extinguisher Mount for a 5 lbs. Unit.
Take Heavy Duty 1.5" Velcro cut it to the length you need for a 14.5" round Fire Extinguisher and a 2" roll bar you will need 3 - 25" pieces. And one 20" piece. Hold the Extinguisher insde of the roll bar not on the back or window side.
Next rap the 20" piece under the top of the Extinguisher at the night tightly.
Than do the middle then a few inches from the bottom.
Take the last piece and run it from the middle piece down and make contact with the bottom and both rings on the other side.. Your done!
I went for a short bumpy ride and it did not move..

Old little Fire Extinguisher and mount.

New 5 lbs. Fire Extinguisher