Have any of you guy's ever had a difficult time getting the screws out of the windshield hinge? Or have you ever had to drill the windshield hinge for mounting? I bought a set of relocation brackets and ordered some mirrors for my YJ. Today I decided to see how difficult it was going to be to get the screws out to mount the brackets. When the jeep was painted they painted over the screw heads so I took a knife and scraped the painted away to get to the screw head. I shot some WD40 around the screw head and tried to get it out with a star bit and rachet. No luck it's wanting to strip out. So I am to the point of either selling the bracket and mirrors and buying some that mount to the door brackets or drilling new holes and using self tapping screws. Just aftraid the hinge won't drill out right and ruin the paint on the Jeep for nothing. Any of you guy's ever experienced this problem or have any sudgestions?