Ok I bought a box off a guy that is a Saginaw out of a 2000. Replaced all the seals and swapped it out for the box in my 97 TJ. I bench checked it before I installed it. I checked it once it was installed and it turned fine. After I finished the rear main seal and OP gasket I fired the Jeep up and the steering is like there is NO power. It is actually won't turn under power. I raised the front off the ground, fired it up and still hard as piss to turn the wheel. Turn the power off with the front in the air and it turns fine. So I looked at the box I took out and with a little research found it's the Durango PN 26055055. Here's my question do these 2 boxes have different input and output hose connections or am I missing something?

Should I buy a seal kit, rebuild the durango one since it "has more nuts" than the saginaw box?