Well it's a list of things that my buddy will do for me since I'm back here in the REALLY FRIGGIN HOT SANDBOX

1) Take $350 and go pick up an 88 Waggy in good condition with a bad trans.
2) Take out my D30 (shot hub bearings)
3) Sell D30 to a guy for $175 (it's got a lockrite and a whole buncha other goodies)
4) Buy TF727 for $75 for the waggy
5) Sell waggy to one of 3 prospective buyers for $1150 (price with working trans in the back)
6) Give $350 back to the wife so she doesn't complain about me spending money on the jeep.
7) Use the rest to buy parts for the 77 F250 HP44 build to replace the D30.

How's that sound for a plan of attack. I'd feel better if I was the one executing it, but beggars can't be choosers.