I took this from a recent post on CJ-8.com. But it was so important I wanted to make sure the word was out on how to handle these situaltions


After you get past the first pages "test" question, this page http://vernco.com/id434.htm has links to:
- Making More Free Time
- Buy Stuff Without Getting Caught
- WillysPoints
- Defending Your Territory
- After-The-Fact Damage Control
- Using Surplus Body Parts to your Advantage
- Things I Understand About Women

Please heed it's author's warning:
"DIRE WARNING: I have been besieged with horrific stories from many a guy who has shown the following to his wife, thinking she'd get a good laugh. These poor guys are now trapped in a vicious cycle of having to act like considerate, loving husbands with no Jeep parts to show for their efforts. SHOW THIS TO YOUR WIFE AT YOUR OWN RISK! "

This author's personal story is also pretty interesting: