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Start a Chapter of Military Jeepers

Starting a Military Jeepers Chapter in your area.

Military Jeepers Chapters are a way to help gain interest in and increase participation in events in your area.  Starting a chapter is free, members do not have to pay any money to be a member and there are no bylaws that are required to be addressed. 

Number of members required to start a chapter:
In order to start a chapter we ask that you have at least 3 members living around your area that are active members on Military Jeepers. 

About the chapter websites:
All chapter websites will be hosted on the domain and chapters will be given access to a content management system which they can use to control the content of their pages.  This will allow the members in that chapter that are given access to their site the ability to post information about upcoming events, photos, information about local vendors, trails and more.

Hosting the chapter website on the domain means that it is free for the chapters; they do not have to pay for server space or software.  Also, being hosted on the domain means that one month from now or 10 years from now, a member will be able to easily find and enjoy a chapter page covering an area that they will be relocating to or travelling through.

Use of the Military Jeepers Round Logo:
Chapters are able to use the Military Jeepers Round Logo so long as it remains unaltered unless they have received written permission from  It is highly encouraged that any products created include the text so that others can easily find the Military Jeepers website.

Can we sell products to support our chapter?
Absolutely, Chapter Leaders are given the opportunity to buy select products direct from Military Jeepers which they may use at events as a promotional item or for sale.  These items are expected to be sold locally and not be offered on the Military Jeepers site as other chapter will be offering the same product in their area.  Chapters are encouraged to look into the purchase of shirts and or stickers for their chapter members which may be sold on the Military Jeepers site so others not in the chapter may have a chance to purchase them and help support that chapter.

How do I start a chapter in my area?
If you are interested in starting a chapter, please identify at least two members that will be in charge of maintaining your chapter website.  They will be given access to the website to add information for other members of the chapter to see.  If one of the members moves or no longer wishes to assist in maintaining the site, please identify another member and send their information to [email protected] with information about the chapter.  Also be sure to include your member name and the member name of the new member to be added to the site access list so we may contact you via private message if needed to confirm the addition.

Military Jeepers will create a chapter site and also a specific forum for your chapter.   Chapter leaders will also be given access to a chapter leaders discussion forum so they can discuss chapter related issues with other leaders from around the world.

What about ByLaws?
ByLaws are completely optional.  If your chapter decides that it would be in the best interest of the chapter to identify personnel to fill different positions, then you may want to consider ByLaws to determine the terms of office, voting guidelines and more.

Chapters operate at a local level and since we cannot monitor all the activites of the chapters it is expected that you operate your chapter in a professional manner so as not to bring discredit to Military Jeepers, the members of Military Jeepers or other enthusiasts that enjoy our sport.  Other than providing the server space, software, and the community forum with which members communicate, the chapters operate independantly of Military Jeepers and  Military Jeepers will not be held liable for the actions of your chapter and we reserve the right to remove the chapter site and chapter forum at any time if we feel that you are using the chapter for purposes other than it is intended; providing a family friendly, fun, safe atmosphere in which other members of Military Jeepers can connect with one another at a local level.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected]

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